Fine Job

Dear Andrew,

Rosemary and I are so thankful for the work you provided in servicing our entry screen doors. The two employees were so courteous and did a fine job in upgrading our doors from normal “wear and tear”.

I personally was shocked when I asked how much we owed and they replied that Andrew said “Do not charge for this work”. We were taken
a-back as we haven’t had this happen to us for many years.

We had friends over that evening and were able to pass on to them about the wonderful service we have enjoyed working with AJ’s
Aluminum on Spring Hill Drive. I hope that down the way that others will have work done by your firm and they can feel as confident in doing
business with you as we have. I would have come into your place of business to thank you but I tear up easily when I think how nice you and your employees have been.

God Bless you,

Bo and Rosemary S.
Spring Hill, Florida