Accordion Shutters

Affordable Hurricane Shutters and Storm Protection for your Home or Business.

AJ’s Aluminum, Inc. designs and installs custom Accordion Shutters for your home or office. We take great pride in providing high quality hurricane shutter and storm protection product installation in Pasco and Hernando Counties.

Accordion Shutters or folding shutters provide significant amounts of protection from hurricane force winds, severe thunderstorms, flying debris, theft and forced entry. The Accordion Shutter is considered one of the most preferred hurricane protection products and is well known for  convenience, strength, security, and affordability.

Accordion Shutters are one of the simplest shutters to deploy. They are permanently attached to your home or office and are always ready to use. Due to the fact that the accordion shutter is such a convenient form of hurricane protection it is an excellent form of home security protection as well.

Accordion Shutters consist of two stacks of aluminum blades which slide together, one stack is pulled from the left and the other from the right and meet to lock in the center of the shutter or all the way to one side of the opening. When you want to disengage the Accordion Shutter simply unlock them from the middle or side and slide each stack back to its original position. When not in use each stack is positioned to the left and right of the opening so as not to obstruct the view from inside. An entire house can be opened or closed by one individual in less than 10 minutes.

Accordion Shutters are custom made to fit almost any shape or size opening and has an interior or exterior key locking system.

Available Colors

Accordion Shutters WhiteWhite
Accordion Shutters IvoryCrème
Accordion Shutters BronzeBronze
Accordion Shutters BeigeBeige

* All Hurricane Shutters & Storm Panels are approved by Miami-Dade strict building code and have a 5 year manufacture warranty.