Secure Plus Windows





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Superior Window Construction

Secure-Plus™ Windows may look like an ordinary window, but it’s not! A Secure-Plus™ Window is windshield tough because it has been designed similar to the windshield in your car. Extensive testing shows that upon impact broken glass tends to adhere to the durable, bonded inter-layer. Secure-Plus™ Windows are available in extruded aluminum or PVC.

PLUS… for the advantages of laminated glass with a reduced solar heat gain, Custom Window Systems offers Cardinal LOE2 coatings. Though virtually invisible to the eye, Cardinal LOE2 coatings reduce solar gains which reduce air conditioning costs.

Secure-Plus™ Windows Provide

  • Guards Against Unwanted Intruders
  • Available With Energy-Efficient Low-E-Glass

  • Improved UV Reduction, Reduces Fading

  • Reduces Danger of Falling or Flying Glass

  • Dampen Unwanted Outside Sounds

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