Affordable Hurricane Shutters and Storm Protection for your Home or Business.

Pasco Hernando County Hurricane Storm Panel Installation

AJ’s Aluminum, Inc. designs and installs custom Hurricane Storm Panels for your home or office. We take great pride in providing high quality hurricane shutter and storm protection product installation in Pasco and Hernando Counties.

Hurricane Storm Panels are engineered and custom designed to withstand strong hurricane force winds and large flying debris to give you peace of mind regarding your home or office during a storm.

What is a Hurricane Storm Panel?

Hurricane Storm Panels are one of the most cost effective ways to protect your home or office from the damage caused by hurricane force winds and flying debris.

Specially designed Hurricane Storm Panels are constructed from equipment to rollform hard metal alloys that produce a Storm Panel with the strength of galvanized steel and the lightness of high-grade aluminum.

Hurricane Storm Panels are available in:

  • .50 & .60 aluminum

  • 20 gauge & 24 gauge galvanized steel

  • Aluminum framed see-thru polycarbonate

Hurricane Storm Panels Quick Hang System

Hurricane Storm Panel Installation

The Quick Hang patent pending system replaces removable tracks, wing nuts, bolts, and other parts which can become easily lost or damaged. The Hurricane Storm Panel “Quick Hang System” is an easy-to-use, trackless system with permanently installed anchors and a specially designed keyhole in the panels.

Sure Grip Safety Edge

See Thru Hurricane Panels

Since hanging Hurricane Storm Panels can be dangerous by their very nature, the edges of most Storm Panels are sharp. That is why we always recommend that people installingStorm Panels wear sturdy gloves. For added safety our Hurricane Panelscome finished with “Sure Grip Safety Edge”, this safety edge enables individuals to gain a much better grip when installing the Maximum Impact Hurricane Storm Panel.

Aluminum Framed See-Thru Polycarbonate

Experts agree that being able to see outside during a storm greatly reduces the stress homeowners undergo during a hurricane. In addition, allowing light to enter a home through a window helps maintain a safer environment inside the home or office.

Our Maximum Impact “See-Thru” Hurricane Storm Panels are tested and proven the same degree of impact protection as either aluminum or steel panels. They are made of polycarbonate framed by extruded aluminum. They can be used as a system or as a component in conjunction with metal panels. They can be used for special applications, such as trapezoids and curved arches.


Hurricane Shutters & Storm Panels Impact Video 1

View Impact Test at 50 ft. per second

Hurricane Shutters & Storm Panels Impact Video 1

View Impact Test at 80 ft. per second

* All Hurricane Shutters & Storm Panels are approved by Miami-Dade strict building code and have a 5 year manufacture warranty.