Increased Value

Adding extra living space to your home not only provides you and your family a better standard of living, but also increases the value of your home.

If you’ve ever considered adding a room to your house, you’ve also considered the time and costs involved. Using conventional construction methods can be quite expensive, time consuming, and often require the reconstruction of your home.

Structall offers a wide variety of solutions for adding a screen room to your home. Whether you convert an existing porch or patio into a screen room or start a new screen room from scratch, Structall has a solution to meet your needs.Top quality assistance is found here. Our screen room systems reduce construction time drastically, so you could be enjoying your new room in a couple days!


With all the choices available to me, why should I buy a Structall Building Supply screen room?

  • Structall screen rooms are built with all aluminum materials for unsurpassed strength, durability, and low maintenance. Aluminum extrusions  will not rust, allowing you years of hassle-free relaxation in your new screen room.
  • Aluminum extrusion is avalaible in five colors: white, bronze ivory, adobe, andf sandstone which could be contrasted to give a range of modern looks.
  • Structall screen room systems offere fiberglass screen in a variety of colors and mesh sizes to control heat and air flow, letting you enjoy the best of the outdoors.
  • Structall  Building Supply offers the largest assortment of kickplates in the industry. Kickplates can be ordered with standard smooth or cedar embossed aluminum. Insulated kickplates provide additional impact resistance, and can be converted to a vinyl or glass room later. Insulated kickplates can be ordered with embossed Rigiwall Thermoplastic, and stucco or cedar embossed aluminum. Ask your contractor about the variety of kickplate colors and textures available to you.
  • Structall screen rooms are the safest and the best pest deterrent available. Keep pesky mosquitoes, gnats, and flies away from your enjoyment of food, family and friends.

Sun Breeze Edition

All of these choices are part of Structall Building Supply’s Sun Breeze Edition room enclosures and was designed for those who wish to have the “feel of the outdoors” without having to deal with the harsh realities of Mother Nature. Screen Rooms allow you to experience the fresh air of a Spring rain, the Summer breeze with out the insects, and the cool crisp winds of Autumn. Screen rooms can be easily converted into vinyl or glass enclosures at a later time with very little construction involved, leaving you with options for future improvements to your home as your needs and lifestyle change.

Structall screen rooms are for budget-minded individuals who want to add value to their homes immediately. Top quality assistance is found hereAsk AJ’s Aluminum Inc. about other Structall Building Supply products such as patio and walkway covers, and vinyl and glass enclosures, all of which will enhance the beauty of your home.