Roof Overs Sales, Installation, and Service.

Don’t wait for the Leak to Become a Gusher!

We not only stand on your roof..
we stand behind it with a warranty you can TRUST!

Regardless of your roof style, we can custom-build one to suite your personal needs.

The UNIFLEX II® is a fully engineered roof system that beautifies your home, while increasing its value. Strict requirements to triple seal all vents greatly reduces the vents from ever leaking again. It has taken years of research, development and field testing to achieve UNIFLEX II®. This high-tech, highly cost-effective combination of aluminum and insulation protects your home from heat, cold, rain and snow. Insulation sheets can be bonded with optional foil on both sides to help keep out air and moisture.

ALUMINUM SNAP-LOK™ roof panels then provide a final layer of protection. SNAP-LOK™ panels have a baked-on, high gloss enamel finish that reflects ultra-violet and infrared rays. Protection so strong, we walk on it with confidence, and we’ll stand behind
this protection with our 20 year warranty**!

** Warranty applies to materials only


Protects your home from both sun and moisture-and it’s strong enough to walk on.

Professionally crafted for quality and durability, the UNIFLEX II® roof-over system is the system of choice.