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Weather Lite Collection

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Series 2200 4 Track Vertical Sliding Panels (Vinyl Panels)

  • Convert your existing porch, gazebo, deck, pool enclosure or unused outdoor space into a versatile enclosed area with Weather Lite Vinyl Pane sliding panels.
  • Lightweight Weather Lite sliding panels can be raised or lowered effortlessly to ventilate up to 70% of the screened area.

  • Durable, flexible and attractive VINYL PANE™ sliding panels comfortably ventilate while screening out debris and insects.

  • Close the sliding panels and block out the rain, wind, snow and other elements.

  • Easily removable sliding panel tension spring system ensures smooth operation.

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Series 2200 Horizontal Sliding Panels (Vinyl Pane)

Horizontal Vinyl Pane sliding panels, when closed and locked, offer protection from the outside elements. When open, they allow up to 50% air-flow through the screened area. vents can also be removed allowing total screen room ventilation.

Weather Lite Collection Vinyl Pane

Vinyl Pane™ Sliding Panels

VINYL PANE™ sliding panels feature durable, weather resistant, 10-mil vinyl that is lighter in weight and more affordable than glass. All Weather Lite sliding panels are custom fitted for smooth operation and are designed to provide easy cleaning from inside.

 Weather Lite Collection Weather Resistant

Series 5200 Horizontal Sliders (Acrylic)

  • 50% Airflow
  • Simple Push Button Handle

  • Stronger than annealed glass

  • Light Weight

  • Better Insulation than single Pane Glass

  • Superior Construction

  • Removable Panels


Weather Lite Collection Windows

Series 6200 Horizontal Sliders (Glass)

  • 50% Airflow
  • Simple Push Button Handle

  • Superior Construction

  • Removable Panels

  • Single Glazed 1/8″ annealed

  • Insulated 5/8″ annealed

  • Optional Removable Screen

  • Available with LOE Glass

Weather Lite Collection Porch Enclosures