Roll-Up Shutters

Affordable Hurricane Shutters and Storm Protection for your Home or Business.

AJ’s Aluminum, Inc. designs and installs custom Roll-Up Shutters for your home or office. We take great pride in providing high quality hurricane shutter and storm protection product installation in Pasco and Hernando Counties.

Roll-Up Shutters are engineered and custom designed to withstand strong hurricane force winds and large flying debris to give you peace of mind regarding your home or office during a storm.

Hurricane Protection and Security Rolling Shutters offer an aesthetic appeal with their low profile clean look and are a excellent security system for windows, doors and many other exterior openings. Roll-Up Shutters can be custom designed to fit any application size and thus provide an effective burglary deterrent when completely closed.

Rolling Shutters are becoming increasingly popular in many coastal communities due to their ability to provide the added benefit of security as well as protection from hurricane force winds and flying debris. Recently implemented building codes within coastal areas require Roll-Up Shutters to pass stringent standardized impact tests.

* All Hurricane Shutters & Storm Panels are approved by Miami-Dade strict building code and have a 5 year manufacture warranty.