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Thermal Performance Data

Impact Window Installation

  1. Visible Light Transmittance
    Indicates the amount of outside light reaching the interior as calculated using center of glass. Higher percentage means more outside light reaches interior.

  2. U-Factor
    Represents the amount of heat transfer as measured in accordance with NFRC 100-2004, calculation uses total window unit, and assumes 3/4″ glazing with 1/2″ airspace. Lower is better.

  3. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
    Measures the amount of solar radiation entering the building. As measured per NFRC 200-2004 with the window 4.1 and Frame 4.1 modeling programs. Lower is better.

Certified To Meet or Exceed Expectations

All CWS windows are AAMA and NFRC certified, and compliant with ENERGY STAR® and Green Building Standards. Also, when ordered with Cardinal LoĒ 366 and argon gas, the Wind-Pact Plus series qualifies for the new “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” (equal to .30 SHGC & .30 U-Factor)

Wind-Pact Plus Large Missile Impact Windows

  • Provides a greater level of safety and security

  • Reduce danger of flying or falling glass

  • resist forced entry

  • Dampen unwanted outside sounds

  • 67.5 DP-SH, 60 DP-HS, 67.5 DP-Casement, 60 DP-Patio Doors, 67.5-Awning

  • Tested to Miami-Dade County, Florida and ASTM specifications for impact

  • Available with energy efficient LoĒ² & LoĒ³

Advantage of Cardinal LoĒ³

Pasco County Impact Window InstallationFor the advantages of laminated glass with a reduced solar heat gain, Cardinal offers LoĒ³ coating reduces solar gains, thus reducing air conditioning costs.
Neutral in color, the microscopically thin LoĒ³ coating in laminated glass has high visible light transmission and low outdoor and indoor reflectivity.

Hernando County Impact Window InstallationHow Laminated Glass Protects the Building

If the building envelope is breached through a broken window, wind may enter the building causing an increase in pressure that could lift the roofs and push the walls outward.
Laminated glass helps to preserve the building envelope, keeping wind and other elements outside.

White, Adobe, and BronzeWindow Colors

Bronze Interior with White Exterior
CWS vinyl windows are available in three easy-to-clean colors: white, adobe, and two-tone bronze.

Watch out for Imposters
Hernando County Impact Window InstallationCWS uses color-stabilized vinyl to prevent discoloration and keep your windows looking new. Vinyl windows of lesser quality may start out white but can end up looking dingy and discolored after normal exposure to the elements.

Hernando County Impact Window InstallationAdvanced Design and Engineering

  1. Multiple hollow chambers for strength and insulation.

  2. Dual-pane insulated glass with double-strength glass (standard)

  3. Extruded Florida flange on all frame types.

  4. Thick vinyl walls for added structural integrity.

  5. Covered weep holes in sill control water penetration and drainage.

Single Hung / Horizontal Slider
Hernando County Impact Window Installation