Decorator Screen Doors



Decorator Door Frame

  • 1″ x2″ x.050 6063 T6 Aluminum
  • Fluted for Attractive Appearance
  • Rounded flutes for better paint coverage on high portion flute
  • More flutes to narrow space between flutes for easier installation of hardware

Z Bar

  • With Felt Stripping for Quite Closing
  • Notched for Easy Installation

Bug Sweep

  • Adjustable Bug Channel & Felt Sweep
  • 1/2″x 5/8 ” brush sweep creates a superior barrier between door and floor


  • Will not shrink or brake from fatigue
  • Does not allow daylight to be seen under door

Kick plates

  • Decorator doors use .032 thicknesses

Wrights Heavy Duty Hydraulic Closure Kit

  • Standard on all doors for superior control in closing

Tasman Security Lock

  • Standard on Armada Series Doors & Welded Series Doors
  • Optional on all Doors

Corner Keys

  • Extruded Aluminum Corner Keys for a “No Sag” Door


  • Standard Colors White or Bronze
  • Custom Colors available (for an additional charge)
    Screen Doors